Screen Printing

Spreading ink on shirts is our primary discipline, although it’s not the only thing we do, it’s our favorite!

Standard Prints - Plastisol

Our standard screen printing is done using traditional Eco Friendly plastisol inks. At Pulse Merch, our standard prints are printed exclusively using phthalate free plastisol inks. These inks are manufactured to be the safest plastisol inks on the market. We use only the highest quality inks available, and our prints feel great with a long lasting durability. Standard plastisol inks are used for many print processes as well.

Unless specified this is the standard style printing. Standard print size is up to 13” X 17”. Oversized print size is up to 15.5″ X 20″ with additional fee.

Simulated process printing

Simulated Process is what you will want to use when you have a full color design on a dark garment. Prints are achieved by blending higher opacity inks to give the look of a full color print using any number of inks needed. This print process can be used on any color garment, but requires a lot of skill in artwork separation. We pride ourselves in our separation techniques and attention to detail. 

discharge & waterbased printing

Want a super soft print? Look no further. Waterbased and discharge inks are soft and breathable. Using the discharge print method and waterbased printing we are able to print your designs on apparel with inks that bleach out the existing dye and replace it with your chosen colors. Water based discharge printing results in crisp detailed reproductions of your art without the heavy hand of traditional plastisol printing.

These inks typically work best on 100% cotton fabric. There are some fabric dyes that resist the discharge process (kelly green, royal blue, purple) and other cotton garments that print up stunningly well.

Oversized printing

If you are looking to have your design take up the majority of the shirt, this printing style is for you. Oversized printing max is generally 15.5” x 20″ depending on the shirt brand and size. Print size is based on your smallest garment size. Please keep in mind, Screens do not change, just the size of the garment does.

foil printing

Foil printing is the way to give your t-shirt designs that added sparkle that make them stand out.

We can print foil side by side with other print colors but the other inks must be waterbased.

Since the foil adhesive is printed on the rough surface of fibers, there is a good chance that the foil does not fully stick to fine dots or lines. There are workarounds that we may be able to do though!

In most cases we can only print one color of foil in a single print location. There are exceptions to this so ask us and we’ll evaluate the possibilities on a design by design basis.

Glitter and specialty ink printing

We have a wide variety of specialty inks such as glitter, and metallic inks. There are other inks as well that will make your print have 3 dimensions as well as gels to make it look like liquid.