caps, jackets, and more! 

Stitching colored thread on garments or other soft-sided items is a great alternative to printing. Depending on the look, it may give a more professional or personal touch. Custom names, polos, jump suits, backpacks, bags, etc…. Are all a possibility with embroidery.

We work with some of the best digitizers in the industry to take your art/design and transform it into a file that we will use to create professional long lasting items using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our reputation is everything and we take great pride in our work!

For the best embroidered outcome, we recommend:

  • Supplying a vector image (when you can) with a maximum of 8 colors
  • Be conscious of the finer details within the design, less is more!
  • Text in particular shouldn't be too small so it can remain legible

What is digitizing?

Embroidery digitizing is the act of turning an image into an embroidery pattern for a machine to follow. This process allows each part of the graphic to be converted into a stitch type. Most programs will allow the final product to be previewed in digital form before it is applied to fabric. It essentially tells the embroidery machine "go here, ok now stitch here, now here, etc.." 

We have a one time digitizing fee per design. As long as no changes need to be made, we can use it over and over.